The future of dairy

Robotic technology allows Mar Gold Guernseys to operate against the odds

by Jessica Ekern

Sustainability scores big at Lebanon Feed Mill
by Jessica Ekern

Restoring the harmony
Dunn Ranch Prairie is rebuilding the ecosystem of the prairie, one project at a time

by Allison Jenkins

Working knowledge
ACME chute helps Jackson FFA members learn best practices in animal health

by Steve Stumpe

Q&A with MFA - View on flipbook -
Learn more about your cooperative leaders
Feature on Steve Sumpe, MFA Director

Ranch dog health
Working canines face unique risks, wellness considerations

By Allison Jenkins

Celebrating in cattle country
Small town holds big festival to honor the beef industry

By Allison Jenkins

Troubled waters? Find an alternative
Make sure grazing livestock have enough to drink this summer

by Dr. Jim White

No simple solution to micronutrient management
Be sure major soil fertility needs are addressed before looking at the minors

by Thad Becker


Country Corner

No more eminent domain for private gain?

by Allison Jenkins

Contest is a first for FFA
Ag Experience enters its 10th year
Verslues awarded Honorary State FFA Degree

Markets - via flipbook
Corn: Uncertainty in markets continues
Soybeans: South America production keeps dropping
Cattle: Bright outlook for stocker cattle
Wheat: Winter crop condition questionable

Salad days

BUY, sell, trade

Precision efficiencies aren’t just for row crops

by Ernie Verslues

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Following fertilizer ( Cover Story )
Getting plant food to the farm takes a global, multi-modal logistics chain
By Allison Jenkins

Do biologicals boost nutrient-use efficiency?
MFA agronomic research continues to seek answers to that question
By Cameron Horine

Q&A with MFA - (As Printed)
Learn more about your cooperative leaders
By Gerald Eggerman

Pollinator plots put unproductive acres to work
MFA and partners offer funding opportunity for conservation plantings
By Adam Jones

Safety begins at home (As Printed)
MFA youth share ideas on avoiding farm, workplace dangers
By Allison Jenkins

Pulling double-duty
UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed system fertilizes forage, controls problem plants in one convenient pass
By Allison Jenkins

Good data in equals good data out
Careful management of precision information can help growers make better decisions
By Jared Harding

Timing is everything when harvesting alfalfa
Balancing tradeoff between yield and quality takes careful management
by Dr. Jim White

Animal Health
Insecticide Ear-Tag Comparison Chart
(AS Printed)


Country Corner
American food contributes to global peace
by Allison Jenkins

Right time for recognition
MU establishes Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center
Michael elected as new MFA director for District 2

Markets - (As Printed)
Corn: Confluence of factors creates uncertainty
Soybeans: Prices rise as supplies tighten
Cattle: High feed costs affect livestock value
Wheat: Conflict in Ukraine influences markets

Recipes - (As Printed)
Mush’ love

BUY, sell, trade - (As Printed)

It takes teamwork to rise above our challenges
By Ernie Verslues

Closing Thought - (As Printed)
Photo by Kerri Lotven
Poem by Walter Bargen


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